When it comes to the Census 2020, everyone counts.

Over the next few weeks, you will  begin seeing important information about the 2020 census. The Coalition is helping to promote the importance of individuals filling out the census. It only takes a few minutes to fill out. Everyone counts. FOR EVERY PERSON THAT ISN’T COUNTED, OUR AREA MISSES OUT ON $2,000 PER PERSON, PER YEAR.

Below you will find an important list to keep in mind regarding the census.

Funding for our area includes: schools, health care, business and city services. Your privacy is protected and you will not be asked for Social Security Number. There are 4 ways to participate:

  1. Online (https://2020census.gov/)
  2. You will soon receive a card in the mail that can be returned by mail
  3. By phone (info will be on card you receive in mail) OR
  4. A census worker will be coming to your door at your house (beginning in April – they should be wearing a badge and if you would like to verify that they are with the U.S. Census Bureau, ask for their badge, they are trained to hand it to you. Close your door, go into your house and call the phone # on the back to verify)

If you choose one of the #1-3 options, you have completed the census and this should eliminate someone from coming to your doorstep at your house. **Important: If someone does come to your door and you would like to verify that they are working for the Census, ask them for the badge, close your door while they wait and go inside to call the number to verify.

Help out your friends, family, neighbors and businesses in the MHC community by doing your part today. For a printable version of the above flyer, click here.



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