Behavioral Health

A single tree in the water at sunriseAvailable to all patients at Bassett Family Practice and Ridgeway Family Health to address patient’s emotional, mental or physical concerns such as stress management, depression or anxiety, grief or trauma, difficulty managing chronic conditions, child behavior problems, drug or alcohol concerns, relationships, weight loss and more.

The Behavioral Health Clinician (BHC) offers assistance when the behavior, habits, stress, worry or emotional concerns about physical or other life problems, are interfering with a person’s daily life and/or overall health and wellness. The BHC works with your primary care provider (PCP) to evaluate the mind-body-behavior connection and provide brief, solution-focused interventions.

What should I expect when I see the Behavioral Health Clinician?
Your appointment will last 30 minutes to an hour. You will discuss your physical symptoms, emotional concerns, and problematic behaviors and how they may be related. If you, or your Primary Care Provider, think you would benefit from specialty mental health services, a referral will be made. For the convenience of all patients, the sliding fee scale can be applied to your appointment. Please discuss payment when checking out.