a lady doctor engaging with children

Give your children the gift of healthcare this holiday season

If your children are in need of a new medical provider, be sure to give them the gift of healthcare this holiday season – a gift that keeps on giving, for many years to come. Having a medical provider for your child is important when they are sick, but also when they are in relatively good health. All children need access healthcare for regular check-ups with their provider and for common ailments, such as ear infections, or for chronic conditions. Catching and addressing potential problems as a child grows helps them to be healthier, productive adults later in life.

Bassett Family Practice (Dr. Kate Ryan, D.O., and Felecia McBride, FNP) are welcoming new children ages 0 -17. Insurance, no insurance and Medicaid are all accepted. A sliding fee discount program is available.

To establish care for your child(ren) or to schedule an appointment, please call Bassett Family Practice at 276-629-1076 or stop by the clinic at 324 TB Stanley Hwy., Bassett, VA 24055. Clinic hours are Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.



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